Friday, June 13, 2008

Picture Bookie News Flashes.... *:)

The PICTURE BOOKIES are busy! Just look at what is going on.
Gina Pfleegor has welcomed a new baby, Emma James Pfleegor and is in the process of moving into a new home with her husband and Emma. She is also working on her newest book, and enjoying the success of "I LIKE GUM" published by Shenanigan Books.

Sherry Rogers is also too busy for words, but not for PICTURES as she works to complete three more picture books!
Her website and blog will give you all the great details and some sneak peeks besides.

Bron Smith has launched a spectacular painting adventure, Painting in Paradise and you really need to check out his course of study...or GO THERE yourself!

Paige Keiser is so busy we may not see much of her online as she completes THREE new trade books, and a possible fourth. We all wish her the very best and support her with our cheers. Three, no FOUR cheers for you Paige!

And also happily busy with illustrating, as well as family and friends, Amy Cullings Moreno is working to finish a series for the USDA which will be due later this summer as well as keeping up with her gorgeous pen and ink renderings of fine homes.

Kristi Valiant is also working on her latest leveled reader series and is looking forward to creating the illustrations for a trade book as well.

In the latest issue ofThe Prairie WindThe Prairie Wind,
Kate Rietzshared with everyone how she found her style in the latest issue of the and has been working on many aspects of her illustrating career. And she has just signed on with an agent in London. More to come......

Ginger Nielson is finishing up the illustrations on her seventh children's picture book, a Rhyming adventure of some out of the ordinary African animals.

We encourage others to visit our collective website The Picture Bookies read the personal interviews of all the illustrator/authors, and visit their personal websites. You will enjoy the "journey."

And LAST but not LEAST take time out to visit the The Picture Bookies Showcase a gallery of 50 wonderful children's illustrators dedicated to bringing joy into the lives of children AND adults!

Monday, June 2, 2008

And Another Announcement

Our Picture Bookies Illustrator's Group welcomes Paige Keiser !! Be sure to visit her blog, her website and enjoy her wonderful stories in pictures and words.

Picture Bookie Kathleen Rietz Shines Bright

One of our very own Picture Bookies Kathleen Rietz has written an article featured in the Illinois SCBWI Newsletter. She did an incredible job. I loved every word of it and found as an illustrator, it really spoke to my heart, and I know it will to yours too. It's a great article on finding your style as an illustrator. I especially loved the part about it taking her 20 hours to do an illustration from start to finish and she felt that was just to long. Go on over and read the article and see how she found her true self.

Click here to read and enjoy the article written by Kathleen Rietz