Monday, December 18, 2006

A Really Nice Moment

I found out yesterday that the book store here in town ordered more copies of the book I just illustrated for the Parent Brigade Co. 'Zubie the Lightning Bug, I Want to Remember Your Thoughts' is half story and half parent - child journal. You could call it a "journey," actually, as it contains provocative questions to ask your child with enough space to write down the answer in the child's own words, revisit the pages in coming years and add to the answers. Currently it is available at many bookstores, and online at Amazon. Yesterday a woman came up to me after church and asked me to sign her "copies...yes copies with an 's'.
That has to be one of the BIG DEALS in an illustrator's life.

Burro's Tortillas Is Finished!!

I finished all the illustrations for Burro's Tortillas this weekend! I am so excited! I just love this book! I am so much more at ease with my art now!! Thank GOD!! I will be mailing out the art and two DVDs tomorrow!! YEAH!!! Thank you Sylvan Dell Publishing for giving me the opportunity to do such a great book. Thank you Terri Fields for writing this wonderful book!!

Sherry - - -

Saturday, December 16, 2006

It Only Takes A Spark!

We seem to think all "Great Things" happen with "Great Effort", but not always! Less then a year ago, a few illustrators kept on chatting, after the illustrator group they had met on disbanded. Chatting led to a formation of an official illustrator group- Christian Illustrators For Kids- with a lot of emails passed around- talk of illustrating, our faith , and of course our families- cause because these are the things that are near and dear to our hearts and brought us together as friends.

Then another idea was sparked- a joint website- to band together and be a mightier force on the world wide web- so Picture Bookies was created-and showcases the art of Amy Cullings Mereno, Sherry Rogers, Ginger Nielson and Julia Kelly.

Which led to the creation of the Picture Bookies webring- to connect all of our individual websites with the Picture Bookie website.

Now we have the opportunity to add more illustrators to the Picture Bookie webring- and have created this Blog- a place to show our art, make more connections, and talk more- of the things we hold near and dear to our hearts! Welcome!