Sunday, September 28, 2008

International Day of Peace , Sept. 21, 2008

During the week of September 14 - 21 Peace Day exhibits, and activities took place in many parts of the US and abroad.
One special week in Panama City Florida was sponsored by the Gulf Coast Womens' Group. School children created art, sang special songs, prepared international foods, crafted Origami doves inscribed with Peace slogans and enjoyed hearing the book, One Day in Peace read aloud. The book by Robert Alan and Steve Diamond was my first illustration assignment. To this date it is still featured on thePeace Kids website and has been translated into over 17 languages.

In addition to all the hands on activities a Proclamation Ceremony was held by the Panama City, Florida Mayor, the Honorable Scott Clemons who read and signed the document proclaiming Sunday, Sept. 21 as the International Day of Peace in Bay County.

Below are images from the book I illustrated that were enlarged and displayed along with text from the book.

Monday, September 22, 2008

"Little Black Ant on Park Street"

Today I received this catalog sample file of the book cover for "Little Black Ant on Park Street". The book is scheduled for release in Spring 2009, published by Soundprints for the Smithsonian Institution. I am currently working on the inside illustrations, all double page spreads.

A Different Twist on Children's Illustration

I rarely post any of my design work here, but since I am adding these to my surface design portfolio on my website, I thought I might give you a taste.
Yep, I do a little of everything.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Sweet Surprise

I had the nicest email from my friend, and fellow Picture Bookie Amy Cullings Moreno!
What a good friend to let me know that I finally acheived a long time wish. This week I was chosen as Illustrator of the week on Children's Illustrators.
If Amy hadn't emailed me I would have missed the enjoyment of seeing my work in that little window. True, there isn't much left of this week...but I will go back a few times, just to take another peek and smile!

Thanks again, Amy *:)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Promoting Peace

The first two books I illustrated were done about 8 years ago for the talented Robert Alan Silverstein who works closely with various Peace organizations and the UN to promote peace. The first little book was printed in paperback and is now online and translated into over 17 languages. The message of Peace and how children can help to bring it about has been brought to millions of people world wide.

I am honored that the Gulf Coast Women's Club of Panama City Florida is planning an exhibit for their International Day of Peace Celebration that will include images from the books I illustrated for the People for Peace. One Day In Peace-2000, Peace Day and the Peace Department feature children of the world who meet in cyberspace, much as we are doing now. Their goal is to promote peace in various ways.

You can read all these books online at PEACE KIDS.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Have you thought about this?

I have seen several group POST CARD mailers lately. Some are good, some are better and all have the impact that was intended.
Recently I have been hired to redesign the website for the agency to which I belong. In addition to the website overhaul, I have designed a group postcard.

Are any of the Picture Bookies interested in something similar? Maybe not this fall, but perhaps in the spring we could get together and create a really awesome group card.

Although there are 30 artists on the card I designed for the agency our group is only 8 and that would give us much more exposure.

Let your voice be heard and share your thoughts on the subject.