Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A progression from here to there and back again...

To create this image for a series I am working on, I needed a good sketch. This time instead of using pen and pencil I did a quick sketch in the computer in Painter. I used the Conte Crayon in a soft version and did a general idea of what I wanted. This became a working print out to take to the drawing table where I traced it onto good quality paper.

Next I took some time out from the computer to just play with watercolors, colored pencils and pens to see what I wanted in the way of color. Since this is not archival paper I was able to feel at ease with whatever happened. Knowing it was going back to Painter for the final stages I could relax, experiment and not worry. Having fun is an important part of the illustration process.

With that done I scanned it all back into the computer and this was the result.

I didn't like the sizes being so even so I enlarged the human figure to create a bit more drama. I might even move the human closer to the edge or turn the figure a bit more to the viewer, but for now I like what it happening.

Next I will be finishing this in the computer with these colors and this composition in mind.

That should be ready to post in a day or two. Funny, but sometimes digital painting takes me longer than traditional painting. But either way it is always a joy!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Character Studies

I have been working on creating my own desktop reference for characters, young, old, multiracial. Concentrating on facial expressions and features these are the first of my studies. The studies help me to keep consistency within a character from page to page in a picture book. Hopefully it will grow into a reference of my own style that I can go to when I am working on illustrations for stories. In addition to these I also have a backlog of photos of children and adults from those that I work with in Christian Education and the summer theater for children in our town.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Little Black Ant on Park Street

After several delays, the new release date for my illustrated book "Little Black Ant on Park Street" (Soundprints Publishing) is December 2009. I took these photos of the spreads with a pocket camera, and will repost them when I get actually high quality scans. But I was so excited I just had to show you now! It was hard to choose only 2 spreads from the book, but I cannot give away the story. So until December, this will have to satisfy!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Picture Bookies are now on Twitter

The Picture Bookies are now on Twitter.
For the members it is a chance to show off to a wider audience. For the viewers it is just another place to find out what's new with the Picture Bookies Group.
The members have been mailed the user info and should be posting whenever possible.