Saturday, November 21, 2009

Website Update

From time to time it is good for an illustrator to refresh things. This goes for the studio, the bookshelves, and in today's case, the website. Have a look around if you have time. I kind of like to update from time to time and plug in some of the newer images.

Friday, November 20, 2009

This issue of the SCBWI bulletin

In the current issue of the SCBWI bulletin you will find an informative article about self publishers as they relate to illustrators. And you will also find the illustrations of artists you may know including several spot illustrations from two of our Picture Bookies. Both Nikki (for her first time !!) and Ginger have illustrations in this issue. Past issues have seen the work of other members of the Picture Bookies and it is wonderful to see us represented.

To send in your own spot illustrations you need to follow the guidelines in the SCBWI site and email them to, or send them directly to Aaron Hartzler at: The fee paid is currently $25.00 for each image used and it is for a one time use. You are given credit for the illustration and exposure to an international audience.

You can choose to have the bulletin sent to you or or can opt to read it online. The PDF for each issue is listed in the Online Resource Publications.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


When I work on a book I use a storyboard to keep me on track. In the beginning stages it is mostly concept sketches that I paste into place to see how the rhythm of the piece is flowing. This is a look at the early stage of a book I am working on. Like other illustrators, I don't always go from page to page in order, but skip around depending upon difficulty, use of models, time to get good reference photos and changes in the general tone of what I am trying to achieve.

An occasional image may be in color here and there, but the bulk of all the color finishes is done after the sketches have been approved by the editor.
My storyboard is like a mini dummy. Once I have everything in place, I'll construct a working dummy and submit it to the editor for any changes or suggestions. In the meantime I have a few months... (*weeks) to complete the initial sketches.

For this story I needed to get lots of first hand photos of a nearby town. I photographed stores, parks, streets, vehicles and people for several scenes I need to create. I needed a number of young students as models for characters as well as adults for some crowds in the story. Children in my Sunday School Classes and adults in our church are great subjects because there is a whole community of folks to choose from. I think they will enjoy seeing themselves in a book. The hair color may change, or the face might be a bit different, but I'll be sure to let them see where they are in the book.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lemur Troops & Critter Groups went to print!

A drove of cattle wore bells that rattle.
A leash of foxes hid under boxes.

I wanted to share my latest project. This is my next book to be released, Lemur Troops & Critter Groups, written by Rena Jones and published by 4RV Publishing. This book is the first in a set of three.

It went to print this week and I was told they would be available for purchase before Christmas!

The author, Rena Jones, has put together a series of rhyming sentences that introduce animal congregations to children. The illustrations take those silly sentences a step further and put the animals in humanistic scenarios and provide humor for children and adults.

You will be able to pre-order a copy in the coming days by visiting,

Also, visit Rena or I on Facebook and join the Critter Series fan page!

Monday, November 2, 2009

POSTERS from Overnight Prints

Recently I learned that Overnight prints was offering Poster prints at 11 X 17 inches. I decided to try this out and was rewarded with the most beautiful prints! The color is perfect and the effect is fantastic. Well worth the money spent and there are always coupons available for discounts. If you have a book to promote or artwork you want to sell as posters this might be right for you as well.

Since I photographed this in natural light in the studio, it may not be as vivid as it is in real life, but I am really happy with the quality.