Monday, December 18, 2006

A Really Nice Moment

I found out yesterday that the book store here in town ordered more copies of the book I just illustrated for the Parent Brigade Co. 'Zubie the Lightning Bug, I Want to Remember Your Thoughts' is half story and half parent - child journal. You could call it a "journey," actually, as it contains provocative questions to ask your child with enough space to write down the answer in the child's own words, revisit the pages in coming years and add to the answers. Currently it is available at many bookstores, and online at Amazon. Yesterday a woman came up to me after church and asked me to sign her "copies...yes copies with an 's'.
That has to be one of the BIG DEALS in an illustrator's life.

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Sherry Rogers said...

Ginger it is truly a wonderufl book. It would make a great gift for everyone. . .young or old. It is truly a treasure and the concept is amazing!