Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Moment of Fame....

Okay, okay, you asked for it. I am posting the photo that was used on the box cover for a product (the snowman) sold at Michael's 2 Christmases ago. I was going to wait and post this on my blog because I got tagged by 2 people recently, but I see there is another request here.

It's funny, what I remember most about this day was that it was the first hot day of the spring and the studio turned up the air conditioning really high for us because the boy and I were so hot! The shot was supposed to be outside, but thankfully the forecast was for rain. It did not rain, but it was very breezy, and I'll bet it would have been difficult to keep the fake snow in place. And...we would have been even hotter!

I also remember that Leon had appeared in a photoshoot for Lifetime Fitness a month before, so we went out and had dinner that night and pretended we were both "somebodies". Leon's photo is still used on Lifetime Fitness posters and brochures.

Oh, one final thing I thought was sort of funny...I went to Michael's that holiday season and bought the box. When I took it up to the cash register, the girl had to do a price check. She stood there staring at the box and never realized it was me on the front.


Anonymous said...

Such a great story. . .and a great picture! Thanks so much for sharing this.

Joan Y said...

Hey, that's pretty cool Kate!