Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Best Illustration Job

Illustrating THE ADVENTURES OF CALI was sheer joy for me! The Publisher and author were fantastic to work with, and the story is touching without being sappy. The idea that a little boy actually carried a caterpillar all the way from California's countryside to an apartment in Flordia IN A SALAD was too much fun to pass up. To make the book even more fun the publisher had the printer make the cover illustration of the caterpillar all sparkly. A finger puppet and another toy are coming soon to partner with the book.


Kate said...

So sweet! I have seen the spread before and always thought it was so cute. And your caterpillar is adorable. I am glad you had a great experience. It inspires me to hear about such great ventures. : )

Bron Smith said...

Your work is always so easy to recognize, Ginger, because it's so cheery and colorful.

Amy C. Moreno said...

It's so clear when looking at the illustrations for the book, that you enjoyed working on it. He is adorable!