Saturday, May 31, 2008

This week at the BEA in Los Angeles

This weekend the Book Expo America was held in Los Angeles. I am happy to say that the publishers of the book I illustrated,
The Adventures of Cali, were there and promoting not only the book but a wonderful addition to the book. Their product, called iRead 2 You, is an easy to use recording device that can be used by a parent or grandparent to record the story. Once the device is set in the Play mode and placed inside a book's cover it is ready to tell the story. As soon as a child opens the book the recording begins to play telling the story in the parent or grandparent's own words.


Kate said...

How wonderful! Congrats Ginger.

I still feel that actual time being read to by a parent is the best, but this recording device is a nice idea in a lot of ways. How cool to open the gift of a book on Christmas and have it recorded with your grandma's voice telling you the story. Clever.

Anonymous said...

Wahoo for you Ginger! I loved that book and so will very child that picks it up to read it. . .or listen to it being read.

Some parents are not good at reading to a child and this lets every child hear the wonderful words and see the wonderful illustrations in your book.

Here's to it's wonderful success!