Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Books ARRIVED *:)

Words by Brettell Hone  ~ Pictures by Ginger Nielson

The book I illustrated for SHAMWARI PUBLISHING in South Africa is finally here. The inventive rhymes of Brettell Hone have created a newer view of some African animals that might otherwise be overlooked. A pair of trout, an African fly and a Wood Owl are just some of the characters for whom Brettell has created a story in rhyme. And to add to all that, this is a book that BOYS will enjoy very much. There is a bit of action, some surprise, some danger and lots of fun!

The books are available now at Amazon.com and you can take a sneak peek as some of the story here. Books are also available from Atlas Books.

I really enjoyed working with the author on this project. His lifelong association with these animals and his idyllic location in the Limpopo provence of South Africa have given him a unique perspective on the lives of these animals. The books were printed by IMAGO printing and I have to admit that although there were some ups and downs with the process the finished product is gorgeous. The colors are true and vivid and I am totally pleased with the outcome.

If you want the book directly from your bookstore, just ask for it and include the ISBN number which is:978-0-620-40992-6.


Anonymous said...

Spectacular Ginger!The illustrations look incredible. So wonderful that the color turned out so well. The author and publisher must be so thrilled with your work and gosh why wouldn't they be. . .just look at the illustrations!

Amy C. Moreno said...

It looks beautiful! I'm so proud of you and thrilled that you are enjoying the fruits of your hard labor. Congratulations...such fun to see the images.

Kate said...

Congrats Ginger, these look great!