Monday, November 2, 2009

POSTERS from Overnight Prints

Recently I learned that Overnight prints was offering Poster prints at 11 X 17 inches. I decided to try this out and was rewarded with the most beautiful prints! The color is perfect and the effect is fantastic. Well worth the money spent and there are always coupons available for discounts. If you have a book to promote or artwork you want to sell as posters this might be right for you as well.

Since I photographed this in natural light in the studio, it may not be as vivid as it is in real life, but I am really happy with the quality.


Kit said...

Wow, I love it Ginger-has such a nice feeling in your work

Stephen said...

Do you have a link top the print shop?

Bron Smith said...

I like the warm golden brown bear colors that you chose. For years I've gotten my 11 x 17s printed at Kinkos or office depot. My whole map business was based on 11 x 17 color copies. It worked great. I wonder if your bear print is xerography or offset printing.

Ginger*:) said...

Hi Bron, The company uses offset printing for most products, including the posters. However, if you want digital postcards, they cost less and are still great quality.

Hi Stephen,
the link is