Saturday, January 9, 2010

Picture Book coming Fall 2010

I recently finished illustrating a picture book called DANCING DREAMS for Accord Publishing that will have Animotion panels making it look like a confined part of the illustration is animated (the older ballerina on stage in this spread). Accord did the same thing with the picture book, BEE & ME, which became a New York Times Best-Seller!

DANCING DREAMS incorporated a lot of styles of dance and was soooo much fun to illustrate. I love dancing. I used to be part of a performance and competition swing dance group. We also did latin and ballroom dancing. I miss all that fun exercise.

Accord offered me another illustration contract for a second picture book with Animotion panels. I've been working on cover sketches, and this one is going to be stinkin' cute!

Kristi Valiant


Ginger*:) said...

Fantastic Kristi! She looks like she could dance right off the page. Congratulations on finishing the work with all you are juggling right now.

Nikki said...

OH, I love the sketchy-ness of your illustrations!

I love illustrations that show a bit of the underdrawing.

Monique said...

Hi, simple beautiful, I love the drawing and the colors.