Thursday, April 29, 2010


I thought I would let you all know that it appears that The Trowbridge Chronicles will be frozen in time on Saturday. As many of you know, there has been announcements of FTP changes that will be take place on Saturday, May 1. That's just two days away.

All those involved have been informed that they should make the necessary changes before then. Since I'm still a relative neophyte when it comes to computer technology, I'm not up to speed on what I would need to do to make the change over.

It's my understanding that my Trowbridge blog won't disappear. I just won't be able to make any new posts on the blog after May 1. So that's why I say that it will be frozen in time, at least for the time being.

If anyone has any brilliant ideas on what I might do about the situation, I'm wide open for suggestions.


Ginger*:) said...

HI Bron, I was not aware of any changes like this for Blogger. Although I do know they are working on a new version called Blogger in Draft. That is what the new template for this blog came from. In Blogger in Draft you can upload images from a URL or from a free Picasa Web album. All these changes can be confusing. Some people still like to upload images from thier computer. In that case, even with the newer templates, you can switch to and upload images from your computer. I did send you an email with more details, but I am looking around for other solutions as well.

Ginger*:) said...

Once again the site has been visited by some advertising adult content. Therefore the posts are now subject to comment moderation. If you leave a comment we will post it as soon as possible, and hope you understand why we must do this.