Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Please Welcome Korey Scott to the Picture Bookies

The PICTURE BOOKIES members welcome, KOREY SCOTT to the GROUP.

 Korey Scott is an illustrator who specializes in children's books, educational material, and funny characters.   His work is currently a "featured portfolio" on Hire an Illustrator.

    His illustration style is perfect for capturing the attention of children and adults. Korey is proud to say that his illustrations and children's books not only are fun to look at, but they provide a beneficial resource to a child's education. Children love the playful details and silly characters while adults enjoy how the illustrations encourage children to read, learn, and have fun. His illustrations can help your company by teaching children how to improve reading skills, pronunciation, and even learn English, Spanish, and other languages. 

    His work has won awards such as "Best Children's Book" at the 2007 North Texas Book Festival and the Golden Spur Honor Award from the Texas State Reading Association (TSRA) 2005.  Teachers also enjoy using his material for class projects. 

You can view more of Korey's work on his website and on his blog.


Bron Smith said...

Welcome to the group, Corey!

Roberta said...

Welcome Korey!! So glad you're a Picture Bookie!!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Welcome Corey,
You're work is beautiful. I enjoyed your site! Welcome aboard!

Scott said...

Well done Korey.