Monday, April 9, 2007

Go Green

Yes- I know this was actually the theme for March and it is nine days into April- but I finally got it done!!! yeah!
So stuck it up here for all to see.
The scene is showing the Flat Irons, rock outcrops above Boulder Colorado, near where I grew up.
It is very "earthy" and "granola-ish"-the new hippy- couldn't resist- but we all need to "go green" and recycle. We only have one planet and so much room and make way too much trash!


Anonymous said...

Julia this is wonderful! The detail is amazing! What a wonderful illustration. Love the mother sandles, the symbols on the recycle bings, the kids, the dog, the truck. It is all really wonderful.

Kathleen Rietz said...

Hi Julia...i love your style. This is very nice. And true, also...I try to recycle every chance I get. Not hard to throw bottles in a bin istead of the trash. It is the least one can do.

Ginger*:)* said...

Marvelous, Julia. Everything including the timely message is just wonderful. I love that even the littlest child can help keep our earth green. You did such a detailed illustration right down to the sandals and hair ribbons.

Gina said...

Hey Julia! I love your unique style, it's so refreshing. And what a great take on this theme, "going green" hadn't even crossed my mind, fantastic interpretation. This is a great portfolio piece, you should be proud! -Gina

Rebecca Sweet said...

Julia, I like the way you think. You did such a great job with this piece. I agree with Kathleen and Gina, you do have a unique style. I'd love to see books illustrated with this approach. It's so inspiring.