Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The most challenging...???

What was the most difficult or challenging thing, object, scene, collage that you ever illustrated? At least up to now.
How did you approach it? How long did it take to complete? It would be really interesting to see how different artists approach a difficult subject. Is there a particular thought process or preliminary type of sketching that has to be done?


Deb Johnson said...

the most challenging project i've encountered lately was doing 40 "interiors" for a learning center book. perspective is not one of my strong points. i came up with something the publisher and author liked which allowed me to maintain a loose & forgiving style...and the interiors still looked 3-d. it will be a long time before i do it again!

Connie said...
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Kate said...

For me, the first book I illustrated (Prayers for Children in 1996) was the most challenging. The publisher was the publisher of Little Golden Books. The book was being re-released in an updated format. The publisher loved the original illustrations, which were done in the 1940's when the book was first released. It was a struggle trying to please the publisher and be true to my individual style at the same time. As I look at the book now, I like how some of the illustrations turned out, but I can also tell which ones I struggled with, including the cover (which I never show in my portfolio). It can really stifle an artist's creativity when a publisher gives "too much" direction!

Ginger*:)* said...

For me, believe it or not, it isn't editors, or publishers, or quirkyness on the part of an Art Director. I figure that goes with the territory and it sometimes makes me laugh about the struggles later on.

But, my nemisis is FEET in SHOES. That elusive sneaker with all the laces and grommets, and air holes and webbing and rubber and texture and bounce can make me crazy. I keep remembering what our drawing teacher in college used to say.

"Draw what you see, not what you think you see."

And while I am trying to realistically impose my will on my pencil that sneaker is secretly laughing at me. They are taunting me with comments like,
"Just try and make us the same size." "Oh yeah, try to draw my laces tied in a knot." "Bet you can draw me running away from you!"

It is my constant challenge to put those empty shoes in front of me at least once a week and 'take the challenge' that they offer.