Monday, August 31, 2009

New Black & White

I have been really busy doing all sorts of things to help move myself into the Illustration biz.
I have been illustrating the last two years as a part time deal and now I feel ready to start to take the steps to move forward with it as a career.
I spent the weekend inking and I thought I would share with you two of the illustrations I worked on.
I am trying to build some new images for the website. I took out the B&W page and want to put it back in with new stuff.



Ginger*:) said...

These are great Nikki. It is always such a good idea to keep refreshing one's website. I like the strong line you have created in these images.

Bron Smith said...

Very nice line drawings, Nikki. There's a lot of need in the educational field for line art like this.

Kate said...

Very nice. I have been working on some blackline images myself. Always good to have in your portfolio.

Kate said...
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Amy C. Moreno said...


These are very strong, fresh and kid friendly. I'm sure you'll get some great clients and jobs from this style. Congrats!