Friday, March 5, 2010

Pattern Making in Painter

I had some fun with pattern making this morning and I wanted to share. The process is made easy in Painter. You just need something you love to start with. In this case I used an illustration that I had finished.

I selected parts of it to generate into a Kaleidoscopic image and then captured the image as a pattern. Here are the results and a small sample of what they look like as a pattern. The patterns can be adjusted to any size so they can be larger for more visual reference to the original picture or smaller for a design effect.

©Ginger Nielson 2010
©Ginger Nielson 2010
©Ginger Nielson 2010

And this last one is my favorite. I think it would make a great TILE in kids bathroom. Not all the tiles, but just a few scattered here and there. Or maybe PJs with the child's initials in the blank spot or a different animal in the center of each square.
The center of this looks so much like a trampoline that I could even try putting one of the characters there being tossed up by the others. How much fun!

©Ginger Nielson 2010


Kathleen Rietz said...

Wow, that is really cool! I love your idea for a tile, too. :)

Scott said...

I love them all but that frog and turtle one is amazing!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I love them all. I wish I could do this! Fabulous!!!! I'll take 100 please he he he he! Wonderful!

Ginger*:) said...

Thanks Vanessa ... it is fun and easy to do in Painter.

Some work nicely ...others, I just have to say good bye to.

Amy C. Moreno said...

Oh my gosh Ginger..these are amazing! I also think your favorite is is so impressive. You are always up to something new and inventive. Congrats on each of these. I also love the one with black, white and gold..gorgeous.

Kit said...

Love them all Ginger,
Kit Grady