Monday, January 8, 2007


Who Are You? --- Ginger Nielson ---
A daughter, sister, mother, a wife, a grandmother, teacher, and illustrator.
All that is stuffed into a 5' 6 1/2" average (read" a bit plump") frame that comes
complete with a very big smile and an outstretched helping hand. ( I used to be taller, I am certain of that, but then I was 20.)

What did you spend most of your time as a kid doing?
My time was pretty much divided up between the outdoors and indoors. Outside was playtime and sports with my friends, inside was painting and drawing or studying hard to keep up with my classmates. I was always among the youngest in my class and we moved a lot. So making new friends was a large part of every school year.
I was fascinated by paper doll clothes and would spend hours creating entire wardrobes that I drew and painted for my paper dolls.

When I was really young my best friend had a giant doll. It was as big as we were, and I always wanted to play with that doll. I rarely got the chance. But as a grown woman I spent 5 years making and selling great big soft sculpture dolls that I made to order for boys and girls and grown ups. Those 'Adoptadollies' number about 1000 and are in many homes all over the globe today.

Were your artistic pursuits encouraged?
Very much so. My parents were very supportive and often framed my work and my sister's. It seemed to us, as children, that we were true artists if our work was framed. Some of those early paintings still hang in my mom's mountain top cabin in Vt. ( I have to give credit to my brother as well... he was the one with the musical talent.)
My teachers all through school were always challenging me and encouraging me and often gave me special projects involving my art and/or writing that would be used in school productions and functions. Even the criticism that was part of the package helped to prepare me for my current career.

I know I have made it when...
When my book, MY BOOK, that I write and illustrate is on the bookshelves of children and asked for night after night to have it read to them. And when that book goes with them as adults and they read it to their children night after night. Sweet!

A Good Day is....
A good day for me is a day with some balance. Exercise, painting, time with my loved ones and friends, service to others, being outdoors, and having time to read are all the ingredients that could blend into a good day. And in the near future those days will be shared with a wonderful new puppy. Oh, one more little item. And this could go for any struggling illustrator. A Good Day is the day that the return SASE does not contain a rejection letter.

What is the next "THING" you want to accomplish with your illustrating?
My goal is to create in my paintings all those images that flood my imagination each day. To have the "idea" translated into the painted image as I see it in my mind can be incredibly elusive. Some days I can nail it. Some days I just frustrate myself. But each day I do get a little bit closer.

What'cha working on?
Right now I am illustrating a wonderful picture book. When it is a "finished" book I will be sure to hold it up high, jump up and down a bit and let you all know about it. Illustrating books for children, is a dream come true for me.

So, Amy..... time for your turn!~


Anonymous said...

Ginger that was so fun to read! I loved every bit of it. I am excited to see you are getting a puppy! YEAH! Ginger your work is truly wonderful and your dream of children loving your books and reading them every night, even as adults, is right around the corner!

Julia Kelly said...

Ginger loved your description of yourself! You are so wise and as a kinda young women- glad you are my friend- I am very lucky to have three wise women in my life!

Amy C. Moreno said...

This was lovely. Fascinating to read the background info of how you got started designing your dolls. Your books will be treasured by young and old alike. They already are, and will be as each one comes out.