Friday, January 12, 2007

January Monthly Challenge -

"Out with the Old in with the New!"

Thanks Julia I had a great time! I posted it on my blog for Illustration Friday! Also posted a fictional story to go with it, just so it would work for Illustration Friday. The inspiration and meaning behind the piece is a totally different than the story I posted for IF.

To me it had to be a kid thing. . .meaning it had to work for my portfolio. Okay this is gonna get deep.

I want to get faster at creating, drawing, painting. I want my art to burst with creativity. But there is something inside me that holds me back. Something that feels prickly and strange, like the plant on the left of the illustration. I don't have black hair, but I do have a orange cat. The girl represents me holding on to the past pricklies and crossing the crevasse to the other side of freedom and fun creativity. I am getting there, feeling less and less troubled by those pricklies and stronger each waking day.

The kitty represents the warm fuzzys in my life and I am taking those with me to the other side of fun, laughter, and freedom to create without fear.

Thanks to the Picture-Bookies endless support, I am on the road to being the best illustrator I can be! We have only been a group a short while, but boy have we grown!

Thanks Guys!


Ginger*:)* said...

The colors in this piece are sensational and the story is quite interesting and fun! I love the action, but am a little nervous. I think you will have to continue the story and give it a happy ending.

Julia Kelly said...

I love the use of light in this piece- Sherry! The glow against the instense colors just adds to the excitement!! And the expression of "fright" is just precious!!Nice Job!

Anonymous said...

Great feedback Ladies!

Ginger thanks for the comments on the color! I am not afraid of color, and often worry that I may have over done it. I am not even sure where the story came from. . .it was one of those 10 minute wonders.

Julia thanks for the comments on the lighting and expressions! I often wonder if my lighting works. I get so close to the art it is sometimes hard to step back and really see it.

I did several expressions for all of them, so glad to hear you think I made the right decisions on which ones to use.

Amy C. Moreno said...

I love this image. It's cheerful and does give the impression of straddling a scary place. Your art is always full of energy and joy.

Sherry Rogers said...

Thanks a lot Amy! Your comments mean the so much to me!