Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My "Old and New"

Okay- someone had the bright idea for a challenge- oh, yeah that was me!! And this it January 31st and have I got my "challenge up"- well I am now!
I do have to say that just scrolling down I am so impressed with the unique styles of everyone else- wow- how cool to be "attached to this group!"

My "Out with the Old and In with the new"- is not new- it is a Easter card I did when I just started to do fabric collage- it has "Walmart" arylic felt on it- have since discovered it will disintegrate in about a year in the sun!
But looking through my portfolio- I thought- what better true example of out with the old law of sin and death and in with the new law of Christ sacrifice and God's grace!
Our "Old Self" no longer has control of us when we become a "New Creation" in Christ- when we invite Him into our hearts and our lives!!! The ultimate renewal!!

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Anonymous said...

I remember and love this Julia! It is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing!