Thursday, October 23, 2008


I received my copies of Jack and Jill magazine this past week! In addition to getting to illustrate a story, I ended up on the same page as a feature for a book by fellow Picture-Bookie,  Phyllis Harris and her hubby, Bradley Harris: "My Brother and I"! Phyllis also designed the characters of Jack and Jill who make appearances throughout the magazine. Very, very adorable kids!

In other news I was very excited to receive the "I Love Your Blog" award from Erik Brooks!
I've been a fan of Erik's work for quite some time now so this was a very nice surprise. Thank you!


Ginger*:)* said...

How wonderful to see your work in print and in print and in print! Congratulations on the Jack and Jill piece. It is beautiful. And we love your Blog too!

Kate said...

Hey Paige, I saw this on both yours and Phyllis's blogs. That is so cool! Not only do the illustrations look great, but I think it is awesome that you two buddies are on the same page together. Phyllis is such a nice person, and so talented. I bought and had her and her husband sign their book for me. What a nice couple.

Amy C. Moreno said...


Your Jack and Jill piece is wonderful. It looks like you had a wonderful time painting it. COngratulations! ALso...kuddos on your blog award. You deserve it!

Sherry Rogers said...

Yeah Paige! You so deserve all the success you've been having. You are such a hard worker.

The spreads look great!


Bron Smith said...

Your Jack and Jill illustrations are so charming, Paige. I always enjoy seeing your work. Congrats on the I Love Your Blog Award...what an honor. I hope you've been feeling well these days.