Saturday, October 18, 2008

My African Bedtime Rhymes

My African Bedtime Rhymes, by Brettell Hone is now in print!
Very soon this book will be available in the US. Right now it is in the pre order stage, but I just read a really nice review and wanted to share it. The author of this book was raised in South Africa in the closest proximity to the animals he writes so effortlessly about. A rhyming story this book invites young and old(er) to enjoy the habits of some of Africa's well known and lesser known wildlife. You can read the review HERE.

Soon to follow this book is another, also by Brettell Hone, THE BIG FIVE COME ALIVE, and I am just as excited about that one as it features some of the wildest creatures and is a challenge to illustrate but a joy as well.
I feel extremely fortunate to have been chosen for these exciting assignments. I am sure that all illustrators understand the wonderful journey we take when we begin a new illustration project. The research always leads to new learning just as process that we use to create the illustrations always leads to new growth.

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Anonymous said...

Gee it's been a while since I have been up here. I should be ashamed!

Congratulations on the African Bedtime Rhymes book being in print Ginger!

Your work on that book is so wonderful and that hippo on the front is perfect.

The Big Five Come Alive is going to be another wonderful book. I love how you wrapped the cover around the spine.

Congrats Ginger! Well deserved.