Saturday, February 7, 2009

Seven things I Love

1) First and foremost, my wonderful husband and my children Josh and Rachel. They are my true meaning of joy. Sounds corny. . .but it's true.

2) I love being outside in my yard whether I am gardening or eating a meal. It's my favorite spot to just hang out.

3) I love my studio. Despite the fact that I do love being outside and would have my computer outside if I could. . .I love being in here creating.

4) I love my friends. I would be lost without my friends. I connect with some on a daily basis here on line and they are truly the ones that keep me together. Others I see once or twice a month and some every few years. But man without every single one of them. . .life would not be worth living.

5) My two dogs and two cats. Luke is our thirteen year old yellow lab. Lazy, lovable and always in the mood to be loved on. Billy is our six year old Tibetan Terrier who thinks he needs to guard the house from outsiders and is my constant companion where ever I am. Lucy our fifteen year old calico cat is a talker and each time I go by her she calls out to me to come and pay attention to her. And last but not least our fourteen year old yellow tabby Margie who used to be our hunter, but as she aged prefers to sit in her bed and just watch the world go by.

6) My 2002 Ford Explorer. I wanted an Explorer since they came out and in 2003 I finally got my dream. It's my favorite car I have ever owned and I will keep it till it can't go down the street anymore.

7) My home. I am painter and a sewer. I have painted all the rooms and sewn all the drapes, curtains and pillows. It has taken me many many years to be able to have the home of my dreams. . .and I love it.

And all of the above makes my life complete. . .

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