Friday, February 20, 2009

Good Reviews can make you very happy....*:)

READY SET REVIEWS just gave me my present for the day. Actually it comes via the publisher who submitted the book for review.

Here is a link to the review of MY AFRICAN BEDTIME RHYMES by Brettell Hone and illustrated by me.
I was treated to a rare and wonderful experience working with the South African publisher, SHAMWARI and with Brettell.
My African Bedtime Rhymes.

One of the benefits of a good review is good sales... and good sales mean another book will be forthcoming *:)


Sherry Rogers said...

Congratulations Ginger! I just love the illustrations from this book. You have such a talent for capturing animals in their environment and giving them life and personality. Wonderful!

Amy C. Moreno said...

Ginger! This is fantastic news and well deserved. Huge congrats to you on the recognition. I love the illustrations shown and know that the whole book must glow.