Saturday, February 7, 2009

Seven.......more things

Seven things... only seven?

1.) My family, of course, everyone of them from the oldest (94) to the youngest, (just one year) at least that is the youngest we are currently aware of.

2.)MAGIC... I don't care how simple the trick, I love magic and I love to keep guessing and I love to be totally stumped!

3.)Being an illustrator of children's books. My life long dream came true and I am living it.

4.)Chocolate...this has a place on any list I create. It often winds up on the shopping list too.

5.)Dogs...they are so loyal and loveable. I could name them all but then I would be out of blog space. AND don't forget to watch the Westminster Kennel Club competition this coming Mon. and Tues. Last years best in show was .... FINALLY .. A BEAGLE!!!

6.)Teaching. I really enjoy working with young people, little ones especially, but all age groups have a special place in my heart.

7.)Friends...without my dear friends and their support I might not find the constant joy that I do even on a bad day.


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Amy C. Moreno said...

That was wonderful to read.