Monday, January 17, 2011

Traveling Art

Art means many things to many people. A beautiful oil painting may soothe the soul for one viewer while the curves and movement of a beautiful sculpture might inspire the spirit of another.

Often I work on my water based illustration for hours and worry about them being ruined by a finger print or a haphazard spill. I scan them, take a photo of them and then squirrel them away so they are not ruined. Although there is nothing wrong with this process, I'm trying to force my art to become more tactile. To no worry if it's battered, bruised or even beat up. Just provided people are seeing it.

With this thought process I recently started a new effort to push not only my creative side but also to push public involvement in my art. I simply created an imaginative painting, attached a vague plot line along with some directions to the it's back and sent it out to the world in hopes the public will not only see my illustration but actually touch it. Heck, if a cannonball went though the art at this point I only feel that it would HELP IT! Stop by and learn more at... Captian Claude de Mouse
Keep painting!

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Ginger*:) said...

This is a great idea! I stopped by to see what was going on and it was so much fun.