Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Favorite Illustrators ~ AHhhhhhhh

Where to begin. My life has always been influenced by pictures, artwork, illustrations, books of all kinds. Here are a few illustrators that I admire, not only for the artwork but for the vision they must have to create such fantastic worlds.
Mary GrandPre has a huge body of exciting work that goes far beyond Harry Potter.
Marla Frazee is another favorite whose humor and attention to detail always conveys a laugh or a tear.
Tomi Ungerer is a bit on the dark side, but I loved his sense of humor and his wonderful use of line and watercolor. Zeralda's Ogre is such a book.
Tomie dePaola has a wonderfully simple way of showing emotion, action and delight with his line and color. One of my favorites of his is, Simple Pictures are the Best. That is one funny romping book!
Jan Brett will always have a place of honor on my children's bookshelf.


Sherry Rogers said...

Ginger a couple of years ago I had the honor of meeting Marla Frazee at the LA SCBWI Conference. Actually she did my critique. I was very humbled to be in her presence and grateful for her wonderful advice. That advice still rings in my ears today as I draw and paint. It was amazing because I already owned a couple of her books. When I saw her name as the person who would do my critique I rushed to buy two books of hers that was there for sale there at the conference. I had her sign them! I am very honored to have those too.

One really cool thing was that the person who was the first editor/art director for her first book was also mine. . .is that cool or what?

Ginger*:)* said...

Wow, Sherry, yes that is cool, very very cool. I just love Marla Frazee's work.