Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Favorite Illustrators

So many amazing illustrators to choose from as favorites. My tops are
Howard Pyle ...the master illustrator.
Bernie amazing illustrator. There aren't many good samples of his children's illustrations online, but I have nearly every children's book with them in it.
Helen Ward is another genius at illustrating. My favorite book of hers isn't listed here. It's a Christmas story with all of the animals in the stable.
Leo and Dianne incredibly gifted and versatile team (once again, not much of their gorgeous work shows up online. It seems that all of my favorites shy away from being shown online. I guess they don't need to advertize their work)
Kinuko Craft rich, luminious gorgeous paintings...incredibly detailed with such a sense of atmosphere.
Gennady Spirin..absolutely amazing work.
More include Jerry Pinkney and David Diaz


Sherry Rogers said...


I can see a bit of your art in Helen Wards work!

I saw David Diaz at the La SCBWI Conference a couple of years ago. He was such a wonderful person, so gentle, a bit quiet and very much a gentlean.

Ginger*:)* said...

What a wonderful list, Amy. I am learning so much more about illustrators, just reading all these posts.

Helen Ward's work is amazing. I love it when an artist can get up close and personal with an illustration.

Bron Smith said...

I enjoyed looking through all of the names on your list, even though I was familiar with their work. I didn't know that Bernie Fuchs had done some kids' books. When I was in art school our worlds revolved around Bernie Fuchs, Bob Peak, and Mark English. They were almost like rock stars to us.

roz said...

Over at the PBJ's ,we are playing the doodle game.
It would be really fun if you joined us. There is a doodle in my post that you guys can save to participate.

Amy C. Moreno said...

Bron....Bernie Fuchs is one of my illo heros..isn't he amazing? I have every one of the children's books I could find illustrated by him. cool about the doodling..I'm heading over there now to look.