Monday, November 3, 2008

My Interview with Stephanie Ruble

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I am honored to be featured and interviewed on both the blogs of Stephanie Ruble. I had a great time answering her thoughtful and very fun questions. Why not stop on over to one of her blogs and check the interview out?

Here are the links.

Thanks for the interviews Stephanie!


Ginger*:)* said...

Wow! Sherry the interview is so neat and informative and this illustration is just wonderful. I love these happy children. I think they must have just read your newest book!

sruble said...

Thanks again for the interview Sherry! Don't forget to check out the comments sections of both blogs when you get a chance. People are saying nice things :)


Sherry Rogers said...

Thanks so much Guys! It was great fun!

Bron Smith said...

I just finished reading your interview, Sherry. It was interesting reading about the steps that you took to get to your dream...very inspiring.

Sherry Rogers said...

Thanks Bron! It's nice to know that I inspire others. Some days one just needs to hear something like that!