Saturday, November 1, 2008

 I have been working on this one illustration for several days, and wanted it to 'fit' the current subject for Illustration Friday (vacant).  It is the fifth version of a much earlier work. Sometimes when you think you have a good image and look at it a year later you can see a new way to create the mood. That is what happened with my old "duckpond" illustration. I think I may have it where I want it, but who knows it may resurface again at some point.

Somehow I don't find it a waste of time or energy to revisit older paintings and sketches.  Occasionally I will find something in my portfolio and take it right out. Then I say to myself, 
"What was I thinking!"  At that point I either trash it altogether or find a new way to make it work. That is growth for me.  What about the rest of you..... do you do that?

I find so much out about myself and my painting when I redo or revise something that 'almost' works.  I always want it to be the best it can be.  Whether it is traditional painting or digital I do keep a stack of possible 're-dos' just to remind me to work harder.


Kate said...

I do wish I could do that myself. One of the drawbacks about working traditionally is that it is not nearly as easy to change or even tweak artwork.

I really would love to see the "old" version to compare the 2.

Anonymous said...

Ginger over the last few months there has been a change in your work. I have always loved your work and to be quit frank I can't pinpoint was has changed but his one is wonderful! Captivating.

Bron Smith said...

Personally, I never go back and rework old illustrations. The main reason is that I have so many things on my plate that I wouldn't have time to rework pieces. I guess I always think ahead to what my current projects are and I try to better myself with those. The time that would be spent on reworking pieces I spend on a new project that I'm working on, like my Painting in Paradise paintings. That's how I got my Washington for Kids book done...late nights, early mornings and weekends.