Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Grand Adventure

The Grand Adventure is the true story of John Wesley Powell's first expedition down the Green and Colorado Rivers and through the Grand Canyon in 1869. This daring 1,000-mile journey is one of the great exploration adventures of the American West.

I have been fascinated by John Wesley Powell's into the Canyon since I was quite young and The Grand Adventure is my attempt to try and share with kids what it was like to go into a wild, unexplored area and be unsure if you would even come out alive. No maps, no GPS, no cell phones to call for help! The Colorado was a mighty river back then and the boats they went down in were so small. Image the courage and determination it took to do this — and John Wesley Powell only had one arm!

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Ginger*:) said...

I love this book and the story of the Grand Adventure. I have my copy! The work Mark did on this book is wonderful. He really conveys the majesty and wonder of this area of our nation. Love the water treatments and the many hued rocky cliffs.