Saturday, June 16, 2007

8 More things you may not need to know about Ginger*:)

I am so ordinary, that I always hesitate to answer these challenges, but here goes:
1. I can hear , yes HEAR a wasp from across a room. As a child I was badly stung, and to this day I can actually hear that certain sound they make when they are near. I usually freeze right in my tracks until I can spot it and cautiously leave the area.
2. Although I am a digital artist, I love to paint with real paint. This is usually by the bucket load as I do the summer scenery for our local children's theater camp.
3. I am a recovering chocoholic.
4. I will never recover.
5. I cannot stand sweet drinks. I never put sugar in tea or coffee and won't drink sodas.
6. I love those old black and white movie mysteries and if they ever have a marathon on TV I will get my popcorn and be gone for the duration.
7. I was a travel agent for over 15 years and spent time in Brazil, Alaska, Hawaii, London and all of the Caribbean Islands, and I hate to fly.
8.Last but not least is something I tell the children on all my school visits: I have a dragon in my basement and a magic wand on my desk.


Kathleen Rietz said...

I'd like to toast to you with a bar of chocolate! : ) I love chocolate, too, but I will not keep it in my house for that very reason!

It's great that you got to travel so much...the destination is always a heck of a lot more fun than flying!

janee said...


Bron Smith said...

Thank you,Ginger. Even though you say you're so ordinary, I can tell that you're an amazing person. I wonder if you eat milk chocolate or dark chocolate. I eat dark chocolate almost daily because I, too, love chocolate. But I can justify it with dark chocolate because of the health benefits.

roz said...

Hi Ginger!
I'm a chocoholic too. =o0

Sherry Rogers said...

Ginger some day we'll have to fly to Europe together. . .we can hold hands and cringe at each bump.

It is so wonderful that you donate so much time to the children of your community and church. I know they love you as much as we do!

Gina said...

I agree, can you ever have too much chocolate?! Although I'm like Bron, I have a small piece of 75% cocoa dark chocolate every night after dinner. Satisfies my sweet tooth without the guilt! :) -Gina