Sunday, June 17, 2007

8 Things You May Not Know About Sherry Rogers

Well I am coming in here late. . .but I hope not to late.

1) I have been in all the states this side of the Mississippi, but not one State east of it.

2) If I could, I would love to have lots of dogs, cats, birds, hamsters etc. . .I just love animals. The only part I wouldn't like is the poo. . .

3) Until I illustrated "If You Were A Parrot" I was really afraid of birds. But something happened during the time I illustrated the book and did all the studying. . . and now I love birds!

4) I didn't go to college right after High School. I worked at U.S Bank in Oregon until the birth of my kids and then I went back to school at the age of 35.

5)I have always loved to draw and paint. And always read books on how to draw and paint, but never took a formal drawing or painting class till I went back to college at 35.

6) I am afraid of public speaking. . .really afraid, and highly respect those who are not. I will do it but suffer greatly before if I have to speak in public.

7) I love hiking and nature

8) I really love people and talk to all kinds of strangers in the stores, gas stations, hardware stores etc. . . but hate being the center of attention at a party.


Bron Smith said...

I notice that we have similar traits. Trowbridge grew out of my love for nature, specifically the flora and fauna of the Olympic wilderness, where The Trowbridge Chronciles are set. Now I'm studying the little known Pacific Northwest prairies.

I used to feel the same way about public speaking, but I didn't want to be that way, so I forced myself to do it anyway, over and over, till I got over it.

janee said...

Sherry, do you find that your nerves calm AS you're speaking? I always get nervous beforehand, but it seems to go away as soon as I start talking.

roz said...

The little bit of talking that I have done, I don't seem to relax at any point!
I need more practice ,I guess.

Anonymous said...

Wow Bron that is soooo cool to know that you overcame your fear of public speaking! It gives me great courage

The part that is funny Janee and Roz is that after I am done speaking everyone says what a great job I did. . .But I don't remember a thing I said!

janee said...

Ha! Sherry. You must be in the "zone" when you're giving a presentation. :-)

Ginger*:)* said...

I too have that FEAR of public speaking...but it seems to go away if I am at a school speaking to children.
I am looking forward to flying to Europe with you and we will definitely be hanging on to each other and the arm rests all the way.

You are so friendly that you must be a wonderful speaker! Even if you don't remember what you said.

Kathleen Rietz said...

Sherry, I hate speaking in public, too. I used to not mind it, but I am so accustomed to working alone and I have become really rusty at standing before a group of people.

I am glad you are over your fear of birds. I love them. i had a sweet parakeet for 12 years. His name was Rex, and he thought he was a dog! Parakeets and parrots are very smart.

I love hiking and nature also. You learn so much about God's creation from hiking and taking it all in. It instantly lifts my spirit.

Anonymous said...

Kate that cracked me up about the bird thinking it was a dog! What a hoot!

Gina said...

Sherry, we truly do have a lot in common! A love of nature, animals, art... except that I've always loved public speaking actually! But other than that, we share many of the same loves! And I can't believe you never took a formal art class until 35! That is very surprising and quite encouraging in a way. Just shows that if it's truly a life calling, it's never too late! -Gina