Thursday, June 28, 2007

A New Chapter

Over the past 15 + years, I have been illustrating pretty much on my own. This has included newspapers, magazines, educational assignments, books and posters. Making a living in this field hasn't been easy. Most of my adult life has been devoted to rasing our family, teaching elementary school and art or working as a travel agent, contributing graphics to the former Family Channel on AOL, serving on AOL as a graphic arts host, and keeping my art life alive each day with whatever materials were at hand. Once, when I had no other materials to paint with, I created an entire 22 foot mural for our library with brown craft paper and food colors for paint. Challenge was pretty much the song I sang each day.

Today I am finishing the artwork for a sixth book, looking forward to the release later this summer of the fifth, and have happily become part of the group of artists represented by an AGENT!

Life moves us forward in amazing ways.


Sherry Rogers said...

Hey Ginger that is just terrific! Congrats!!

Ginger*:)* said...

Thanks Sherry... a big step for me. So glad to have you back !

Kathleen Rietz said...

Hey Ginger, that's great! Sometimes it is just nice to have someone do the legwork for you! I may email you later on for some advice on this topic. I have been vacillating about this idea of signing with an agent myself.



Bron Smith said...

I'm so happy for you, Ginger. You must feel like your entering a new era in your work. I went to your rep's site. I hope she brings you new and exciting work.

Thanks for the Trowbridge storyline comments. We'll see where the story goes.

Eduarda Gonçalvesou said...

very nice

Gina said...

That is awesome news, Ginger! And I've heard great things about them, so a big congrats on getting not only an agent but an agent with a great reputation! The sky's the limit now! :) -Gina