Monday, March 31, 2008


I thought I might share a few lines from some recent letters from kids at a school that I recently visited. Kids' letters are always precious. I included the misspellings, or course:

Dear Mr. Smith:
I like the banan slug it is cool I wud like to have your autograph. I like the funny weird animel it was weird and I mene it.

Dear Mr. Smith:
Thanks for teaching us to draw a banana slug. I really wanted to get my picture autographed by you, but I didn't have enough time. And I took my pictures home, and my mom really liked my picture of my banana slug. I really liked the talk about your new book Washington for Kids. I'm looking forward to reading it. And one more thing, I really like your outfit. The badges were really cool. The hat was funny because when you wore it it looked kind tall. I like you a lot.

Dear Mr. Smith:
Than you for coming to our school My favirite thing at the acimble is the monster game. And when my class came to the jim and drew the banana slug.

Dear Mr. Smith:
I like you pichers. they are cool. I wish you colde drow spong bob. I like you. I bet you wer a slef maniger, to.

Dare Mr Smith
I am so happy to meat you! I think you are cool And a gerate other and ilstratr. I like you Olot. you are Osum. I want to be a Oather and a ilstrater like you.


Sherry Rogers said...

Bron these are priceless. The love and thought that went into them. Your audience adores you! You are a great performer!

Ginger*:)* said...

Oh Bron! Er... I mean Mr. Smith. These are priceless!

I am such a fan of yours I think I shall write also, or maybe send a little note to Violet. After all , she introduced us in the first place.

And please, Mr. Smith...leave a post here with that
"picher" of the Banan Slug!

Kate said...

Heehee...this is so precious. Made me smile. These kids will remember you into adulthood, and I imagine many are practicing drawing banana slugs for their friends. I woud love to see their banana slug drawings!

Bron Smith said...

Ginger, or whoever wants to see the Banana slug...all you have to do is scroll down to my Greasy Spoon Studio post. The front and back cover of my Washington for Kids book is there, and the "Tricked Out Banana Slug" is on the back cover. Until my next book comes out, whenever I go to schools, that will be one of the main things that I draw during the course of the school day.

princesstomato said...

oh man these are GREAT! or should i say OSUM!!!!!