Monday, March 10, 2008


This will undoubtedly be the dullest of the studio tours. You've all seen my studio if you've been to McDonald's or a cafe. If I showed you my home studio, that would be even bookshelf isn't that exciting to look at, nor is my computer. It looks a lot like yours. Hopefully, the text will spice up the photos a bit.

This is one of my window seats at a nearby cafe. I get much more done here than at my home studio. It seems strange, even to me, that my Trowbridges, my comic strip, and all of the rest of my work is hatched in little places like this. As long I'm careful about who gets my cell phone number, I can work relatively undisturbed much, but not all of the time. At home I'm constantly plagued with phone calls from people who want to take a chit-chat chunk out of my workday. It has become so annoying that I flee my studio to hide away and find some quality work time.

This is my corner window table at a nearby McDonald's, one of my afternoon studios. I broke my priceless McDonald's mug the other day, so now I'm actually having to PAY 75 cents for my ice tea until they replace my mug. I used to travel all over the area to different wharfs, parks and beaches to work, but now I seem to prefer just a handful of nearby eateries. Wendy's has the best ice tea, but it's free at McDonald's. Plus, here you don't have to ask for can get your own, so that makes it handier.

This is the art for the front and back cover of my most recent book, Washington for Kids. Though the ink is still wet, it's already selling like donuts at a cops' convention. If anyone wants to know how to write, illustrate, and sell your books as fast as you can sign them, by way of "infomercials" as I do, I'll be glad to give you some tips on how you can do it too. It works like a charm. This book will be just as hot next year as this year. Every elementary and middle school in Washington state would want this book in their library because every child needs to learn about their own state, and why not make it fun? Dr. Seuss did quite well with that philosophy.

If you happen to know a writer who would like to collaborate with me on a Florida for Kids, or whatever state in which they live, I'm starting to look for collaborators. I wrote this over the course of three or four months of late nights, early mornings and weekends. If Trowbridge has slowed down a bit over the last few months, this is one reason.


Rebecca Sweet said...

I enjoyed seeing your work spaces. There's certainly a lot to be said for getting away from interruptions. I like going to parks to write and sketch. There's just something about the green grass, the fresh breezes, and life all around.
This series you're working on is wonderful. You're an excellent writer and could probably do all the states yourself, but if you still need someone to help with Georgia, I'm available. I look forward to reading these books.

paula said...

Very cool, Bron, your Washington state book! Thanks for sharing some of your latest work!

As for your out-of-the-studio work place, wow...I always imagined you were out drawing it up in some cutesty cafe/coffee house somewhere! I'm actually relieved to see you're pumping out fantastic art at a non-descript McD's! Do you work on a laptop while out or...?

Sherry Rogers said...

Bron I have been waiting for this! The place you have described and talked about many times. Lots of nice open windows in your studio and lots of wonderful new visitors to peek in over your shoulder. I just love the new book Bron and so happy to hear your enjoying such great success with sales.

I'd be very interested in hearing your strategies on infomercials.

Ginger*:)* said...

AMAZING! As always. I knew you fled your home studio for 'other' places, but I hadn't known about McDonalds and Wendys. I am sure they just love having you there they get to peek over your shoulder?
Your maps, and educaitonal state series are fantastic and if I were a student I know I would learn a great deal from your wonderful text and illustrations.

Next time you post, be sure to tell us more about your marketing infomercials.

Kate said...

I love it Bron! I would love to work in a space that at the end of the day, someone else would clean up!

You new book looks great. I really enjoy your work. And as a longtime admirer of the banana slug, I now know a new fact about them. :)