Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where I Love To Be - In My Studio

What would a studio tour be without a picture of the "boys." These are my dogs Luke (Yellow Lab) and Billy (Tibetan Terrier.) They are not only my studio buddies but great friends.

Here is the area of my studio where the creative work gets done. . .and a lot of emailing to my friends too!

I have two work areas. The area closest to you is where I sketch. You can see my light table. The area right across from that is where my computer is and where I do the painting part of my art.

One of the most important parts of my studio beside my computer. . .is my five cork boards. As I sketch the pages I pin them up and see how the whole book looks and it's a great way to see if the book flows. I couldn't live without them.

Sorry for the crazy angle. . .but this is they only way I could get them all in.
Amy if your looking. . .see the parrot eye in this picture?

And last but not least is my couch area. This is an area where I can read, sketch or where my family and visitors sit.

Well that's it. . .if you're ever in the area. . .stop by.


Sorrentino said...

wow this is quite the blog! it's nice to see childrens book illustrators come together like this! It's something i aspire to do some day! cheers to you guys!

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Oh WOW Sherry I want a studio just like yours!! Dogs included ;o)

Really nice, big and bright! How wonderful to work in there. Congrats :o)